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Scottsdale High School is lucky enough to have a school farm. The farm was established in 1922; it was built as part of the High School. The school originally used the farm for the metal and wood work area. Today the farm includes animals, gardening, machinery and tools. Its not all fun and games, there's a bit of theory involved, and also the sadness of animals dying. But apart from that the school farm has been a great success, and has taught a lot of students the responsibility of animal raising.

The Students can also choose to have a Garden. Every Grade 7 student has a garden, because they are unable to have an animal just yet. The gardens at the farm are just as respected as the animals and machinery. Students grow a variety of things in their gardens ranging from vegetables to flowers. Once they have grown their crops, they can sell them locally, but most students keep the vegetables for themselves.

Cattle handling is a popular and successful activity over the last few years.  Local farmers lend livestock  allowing students to trained by experienced volunteer handlers.  A number of local businesses support this worthwhile activity.  Over recent years, Scottsdale High School Cattle Handlers have been very successful at the Launceston, Scottsdale and Sheffield shows.


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